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26. May 2020
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25. January 2023
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The Position

We are looking for a Social Media Specialist who can strategically identify, and post, engaging content for our social media feeds, which will inspire people to support our work with refugees and asylum seekers in Epirus.


In your role, you will interact with our Instagram and Facebook communities to increase engagement, followers and the quality of their experience. You will also identify key influencers and conversations where we can engage to better showcase our work and expand our reach. You are the person who thinks “this would make a good post” while activities are taking place. More than that, your interest and belief in social media as a force for good should be backed with an interest in data and analytics, using them to influence our social media communication strategy.

Skills Required

  • Strong written and spoken English skills
  • Proactive, problem-solving mind-set
  • Demonstrable ability to manage a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram feed in a professional capacity
  • Ability to demonstrate your success at creating and delivering social media strategies for specific projects
  • Ability to show your experience at producing regular reports using Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics, Google Analytics or similar tools.
  • Data-driven and have an evidence-led approach to social media strategy.
  • Up-to-date with the latest trends/developments in social media communications.
  • Ability to manage and prioritise multiple tasks and respond flexibly.
  • Ability to deal with a variety of internal and external stakeholders.
  • Ability to identify key influential external figures and agencies to further our social media reach and impact.
  • Ability to find creative solutions to communications challenges

Skills Desired:

  • Experience working in a refugee context or with a vulnerable population
  • Experience working in an NGO, Charity or in the field of human rights
  • Language skills: Arabic, Persian, Dari, Sorani and/or Kurmanji

Your responsibilities

  • Regularly post and schedule content on Second Tree’s social media feeds.
  • Work with the wider Second Tree team to ensure that all content on our social media feeds aligns with organisational, and specific project strategies.
  • Work with Second Tree team to moderate and respond to comments and interact with followers to best develop our online communities.
  • Produce regular reports on social media performance.
  • Use Google Analytics (or similar) to produce reports on referrals to the Second Tree website and conversions attributable to social content.
  • Advise colleagues and help them to develop content strategies based on previous reports and insights
  • Develop social media strategies to expand our reach and impact through social media channels
  • Identify key social influencers who we can engage with
  • Maintain a strong knowledge of developments, innovations, and new tech in social media and identify any that may be of benefit/interest to Second Tree

What We Offer:

  • Accommodation with all the basic amenities (WiFi, laundry, kitchen) covered in a shared team house.
  • Transportation for work-related activities (if needed)
  • Reference letter pending successful completion of engagement

We have two volunteer houses that can host up to nine people where long-term volunteers are accommodated. Some volunteers choose to rent their own accommodation. In certain periods of the year, demand is extremely high, and the volunteer houses might be full. If you have the means to pay for your own accommodation, please let us know. We would still be happy to host you if space is available. However, in a situation where the volunteer houses are full, this would allow us to offer a volunteering opportunity to someone that cannot afford to pay rent.

The successful candidate will be encouraged to join us on the ground and immerse themselves in our work. Your participation could take on many forms, from support in the education programs to activities in the kindergarten to the delivery of workshops and expeditions with the Youth Scouts – we look forward to hearing your ideas on how best to apply your skills in this context. By coming here, you would gain a first-hand experience of the situation on the ground, working in a grassroots organization with a small but dedicated team. This immersion will give you a solid sense of our work, our mission and our approach – which would facilitate your ability to attract supporters.

We encourage applicants to work with us on the ground, but even if you cannot physically come to Greece, we will still consider your application.


If you have the possibility to apply through the European Solidarity Corps, please mention it to us. If you are eligible, the European Union would be able to provide you with a small stipend, covering food costs and daily expenses while here.

How to apply

Please send the following to Giovanni Fontana at: volunteers@secondtree.org

1) Your CV

2) Your cover letter

3) Copy of your qualifications (If applicable)

In your mail, please:

4) Put “Social Media Specialist” as the subject line

5) Specify the dates you would be available to volunteer (starting date and length)

6) At the end of the email, copy-paste the link of the ad you are responding to


If the application includes all of these we will get back to you in a maximum of 48hs.

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