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5. March 2021
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IHA Operations Manager


Overview of IHA

IHA is a grassroots organisation providing humanitarian aid and assistance to refugees,asylum seekers, and people in need. We support thousands of individuals in Northern Greece with essential relief supplies and create spaces for learning, community building, and integration. IHA has operated in Northern Greece since 2016 and is now running one warehouse and one community centre. We are strongly focusing on always minding dignity first when providing support, maintaining sustainable operations for our team and our target group, looking to collaborate and build connections, and at the same time remaining flexible and independent.



In 2015, the influx of asylum seekers to Greece increased. As more people arrived in Greece and other European countries kept a strict policy of who to let in, many of the arrivals ended up staying in Greece. Over time, several camps and accommodation sites have opened and closed, but the need of the people who are fleeing to Greece remains high. Not only for direct support with supplies, food, and non-food items, but also to build new social networks and integrate into the new environment. IHA has operated in Northern Greece for five consecutive years, building a strong network with other local and international grassroots organisations, larger NGOs, local schools, municipalities, state departments, and other actors who meet the people who arrive to seek asylum in Europe. Today IHA still operates in Northern Greece, primarily with supply management, logistics, learning, community building, and integration support. We work closely with local actors to increase possibilities for newcomers to live under more dignified circumstances and to build networks, skills, and gain contextually relevant tools for increasing their opportunities in their new place of residency.


Overview of the position

IHA is looking to recruit an Operations Manager (OM) to start at the beginning of June 2021. The OM is responsible for supervising and administratively supporting IHA’s humanitarian programmes in Greece, currently the Lagadikia Community Centre and the Warehouse (learn more). The OM has a key function in the organisation and acts as the link between the operational and the administrative. The OM works closely with both the Greece-based programme coordination team and the back office team, primarily the board of directors and members of the Germany-registered non-profit association. IHA has a semi-flat hierarchy and fosters open dialogue across all layers of the organisation and consensus-oriented decision-making. The OM facilitates these processes and ensures that all stakeholders are included.

The position is currently part-time and based remotely, with possibilities for the scope of the position to increase in the future.

The ideal candidate is intrinsically motivated, flexible, passionate about the cause and able to work on their own initiative in a non-traditional work setting with little supervision. The OM reports directly to the board of directors. 


Key responsibilities:

  • Human resources, including recruitment, staff supervision, conflict resolution, staff welfare
  • Managing and developing the operations together with the coordination team in Greece, including new and existing projects, budgeting, monitoring and evaluation
  • Support and encourage the coordination and volunteer team to foster a culture of respect and responsibility towards the people we work to support and within the team itself
  • Internal and external reporting
  • Facilitating internal information flow
  • Operational support
  • Administrate internal and external documentation
  • Overall budgeting and financial management
  • Grants and donations management with support of the board
  • Establishing and maintaining collaboration and partnerships
  • Focal point for external enquiries
  • Representing the organisation 
  • Implement IHA’s strategy and ensure work towards its mission and vision. Support the coordination team and volunteers to work by IHA’s values and ideology
  • Work closely with the board of directors in the continuous development of the organisation and its operations and ways of working
  • Any other duties as may be assigned in communication with the board


Applicant profile:

  • Required:
    • Minimum of 2 years working in the grassroots humanitarian sector in a management capacity OR equivalent experience managing humanitarian operations in another type of non-profit organisation
    • In-depth understanding of the European refugee situation, in particular the current context in Greece
    • Experience with staff management, preferably in a remote work setting
    • Experience managing budget and operational finances
    • Strong communication and facilitation skills
    • Strong decision making and problem solving skills
    • Highly organised and able to work on their own initiative
    • Excellent command of English
    • Computer literacy (Microsoft Office, G Suite)
    • Available to travel to Greece at least once per quarter for one week
  • Desired: 
    • Proficiency in German and/or Greek
    • Tax residency in Germany
    • Professional background in humanitarian programming and/or project management 
    • Experience with managing volunteers
    • Experience working in a member-run organisation
    • Experience working in an ideas-based organisation
    • Experience of securing finances, applying for funds, managing donor relations, reporting
    • Interest in and experience with developing operations

The ideal candidate would be a tax resident in Germany at the current stage. It is highly important that the candidate fits in the team. Personal qualities will be taken into consideration during the selection process.


Terms and conditions

The contract will be under German Labour Law, or otherwise as applicable depending on the location and tax residency of the candidate. Public holidays are generally days off, exceptions may occur if the circumstances demand. The role requires certain flexibility in working hours, where evening and weekend work occurs. Working hours are 20 hours per week (50 %) and will be conducted remotely, located preferably either in Germany or Greece. IHA strongly believes in capacity and staff development and works towards offering continuous training opportunities and support for staff who want to develop in certain areas of their profession.



IHA is an equal opportunity employer. We welcome applications from all backgrounds and are committed to create an inclusive environment for all employees.

Apply through this form on our website with the following material:

  • Cover letter in English (1 page)
  • CV in English (max 2 pages)
  • References: Contact information (name, email, and phone number) of two previous employers or supervisors who may be contacted for a reference

If you have any questions, please contact moritz.reitschuster@iha.help


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