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26. May 2021
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16. June 2021
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Bike repair Workshop Supervisor in Habibi.Works Maker Space

Are you a Bike Expert? Habibi.Works is looking for you and your Bike repair skills!

What is Habibi.Works?

Habibi.Works is a makerspace, a space of open workshops. We offer a platform for education, empowerment and social encounters for refugees and locals in the region of Ioannina, northern Greece.

We believe that people are the experts of their lives. We don’t see people who fled their countries as helpless victims, but as talented and experienced men, women and children who can be an enrichment for our societies – if we provide the structures that allow them to integrate. This is what Habibi.Works aims to do on a small scale.

The Bike repair Workshop Supervisor of Habibi.Works:

The Bike repair Workshop is one of the 10 unique working areas in our intercultural maker space. 

Our Bike repair Workshop Supervisor is responsible for managing the Bike repair station so that people have the opportunity to use the workshop independently, but also to gain and enhance their skills with bike repair and according tools. The Bike Repair Workshop is a heavily used working area in Habibi.Works with both very skilled welders coming to use the space, as well as people who have no experience with bike repair yet.

What are we looking for?

  • People between the age of 20 and 65;
  • With experience in Bike repair;
  • Knowledge about the tools;
  • At least 3 weeks time to join us in Habibi.Works;

What do we offer?

  • Include you in our team of experienced specialists from all over the world
  • Cover your food and accommodation
  • Provide a unique learning experience
  • Get you in touch with incredible people

Traveling and quarantine:

To be able to join the team we require a negative Covid test.

How to apply:

Send your application to recruiting@soupandsocks.eu

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