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9. March 2023
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9. March 2023
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We are looking for a Program Coordinator for our Adult Education Program based in Ioannina, for a minimum commitment of 6 months.


In this role, you’ll be coordinating the implementation of language classes and associated tasks at two refugee camps: Katsikas and Agia Eleni.


The majority of the students are from Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq. The sites have two to four English classes each day, which are differentiated by English ability from A0 to A2.


Role description


You will…

  • Coordinate and manage daily operations of the adult education program
  • Develop the program in coordination with the Programs Manager
  • Assess impact and effectiveness against program objectives
  • Ensure that teachers are equipped with the necessary knowledge to complete their administrative tasks to a high standard and in a timely fashion
  • Conduct regular class observations, providing teachers with quality feedback on their teaching
  • Provide new teachers with key insights into language teaching in the refugee context
  • Ensure inductions to and exits from the education team are smooth and effective, including successful handover of classes between teachers
  • Liaise and collaborate with relevant local and national authorities and stakeholders and represent Second Tree in relevant external meetings
  • Capture and compile monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) reports in line with program deadlines
  • Ensure overall management of the program, guaranteeing quality and relevance



You have…

  • University Degree in Education/Teaching
  • Certificate in English language teaching (TEFL/TESOL/CELTA or equivalent)
  • Experience in developing and delivering teacher training


You are able to…

  • Oversee the daily activities of the adult education team
  • Ensure that teachers’ needs are met and that they in turn meet the requirements of their roles
  • Be accountable and efficient, making sure that tasks that you take up are completed in the agreed timeframe
  • Be honest and transparent, being able to give and receive feedback in the most straightforward way
  • Have a strong sense of humor, being able to make fun of yourself is key
  • Care for people, the interests of the people we work with should always be your first concern
  • Instil the values above in the people that work with you
  • Communicate in English at a C2 level, both written and orally
  • Manage individuals effectively to create a positive team environment in which shared problem solving is encouraged
  • Prioritise and delegate tasks effectively, ensuring all deadlines are met
  • Manage a wide-ranging workload



You understand and possess knowledge of…

  • Education in emergencies concepts
  • The refugee crisis and its impact and trajectory
  • The needs of refugee students and can adapt content, programming and best practices to meet these needs
  • The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and how to develop syllabi in line with it
  • Assessment and evaluation procedures, and how to prepare students for language proficiency test
  • Adult refugee projects and opportunities for further learning and employment
  • Research on adult learning strategies and pedagogies, especially for illiterate or semi-literate adults
  • ESL/EFL lesson planning procedures
  • ESL/EFL methodologies, theories and techniques
  • Your own personal leadership skills/profile and how to effectively manage a team

We offer

  • Accommodation in a shared house.
  • Transportation to/from work.
  • After completion of a three month trial, if you commit long-term, small monthly expenses refund.
In certain periods of the year, demand is extremely high, and the volunteer houses might be full. If you have the means to pay for your own accommodation, please let us know. We would still be happy to host you if space is available. However, in a situation where the volunteer houses are full, this would allow us to offer a volunteering opportunity to someone that cannot afford to pay rent.

How to Apply


Please send the following to Giovanni Fontana at: volunteers@secondtree.org

1) Your CV

2) Your cover letter

3) Copy of your teaching qualifications


In your mail, please:

4) Put “Adult Education Coordinator” as the subject line

5) Specify the dates you would be available to volunteer (starting date and length)

6) At the end of the email, copy-paste the link of the ad you are responding to


If the application includes all of these we will get back to you in a maximum of 48hs.

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