Medical cover needed in refugee camps. Clinical volunteers needed! Primary Healthcare Clinics in Thessaloniki, Athens, Leros, GREECE

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Most of the refugees trapped in Greece have either lost family through the atrocious war in their countries or been separated from them through the ongoing dire political boundaries. This means that nearly 60 000 people remain trapped in camps in Greece. Our team’s medical services therefore continue to be needed for the foreseeable future, as we continue to provide care for several camps.

We are very grateful for the help already given and now need to request for your help.  Even if you cannot help us yourself, please feel free to share this request with others who may be interested?

Who do we need?

Qualified doctors with a prescribing licence (minimum 2 years post qualification) are needed; ideally GPs, paediatricians, women’s health specialists (including contraception advice) and A&E  doctors who are prepared to help with primary care.  We would also need experienced nurses with or without prescribing licences (although it is very helpful if you do have one).

We are also looking for any medical skills: nurses, EMT,  paramedics.

We are also looking for Pharmacist.


We are also short on medical volunteers for the following weeks in 2018:



Cover needed

1 June    










We are also recruiting from June 2018 onwards.


We provide medical care to camps at these locations:

  • Northen Greece
  • Veria
  • Athens (Hope Cafe)
  • Leros Island
  • Also providing mobile clinic around Thessaloniki. 


What can we offer you?

We can offer subsidised accommodation (12 EURO per night for first 3 weeks) in our volunteer apartment in Paleokastro and if you stay longer than three weeks, you may stay free of charge.

In exceptional circumstances,  we may be able to offer other reimbursements,  please email your requests to finance@kitrinoshealthcare.com

For more information please see our website and facebook.

If you have any other enquiries and would like to volunteer with us, please email at volunteer@kitrinoshealthcare.com.

If you are interested in helping us out, please register your interest by completing our application form.

Post updated on the 20th February 2018

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