Computer Instructor for PC tech 101 and MS Pro

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Livelihoods Program

Hestia Hellas is looking for individuals who enjoy helping others to help themselves, either through professional or personal development. Our livelihoods program supports people in;

MS Pro Instructor volunteers should understand the importance of computer skills in today’s workforce. As a volunteer for MS Pro classes you will work with individuals to enhance their knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Volunteers for this position should have a strong interest in computers and excellent command of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

PC Tech 101 Instructorvolunteers lead classes in computer basics, such as learning how to type and using internet access. As a volunteer for the PC Tech 101 classes you will assist individuals through the self-paced typing class. Volunteers for this position should have a strong knowledge of computers!

Prefered Backgrounds

  • IT, computers, informatic

  • Teaching adults

  • Accounting, Finance, Budgeting, Business

  • Microsoft Office applications

Please visit Hestia’s volunteer page for more information and for the link to our application!

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