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I AM YOU is a volunteer organization currently operating in two separate refugee camps within
mainland Greece. I AM YOU started in October 2015 in response to the immediate emergency needs
of refugees arriving in Lesvos, we are a grassroots organisation that believes in the power of people
and that there is a better way of providing aid. Our mission is to serve displaced populations and fight
prejudice, by putting our common humanity first.

Volunteering with I AM YOU means that you will join a dynamic team of individuals, who work
together to support one another while bringing a sense of humanity in the provision of services
aimed at improving the lives of displaced people. Our organization is volunteer-led, making use of the
specific skills and expertise of the team. We celebrate diversity and believe it makes us stronger.

We are currently seeking a dedicated Volunteer Facilitator for the Welcome Project, a female social
enterprise currently based in Ritsona Refugee Camp. The volunteer will support the daily running of
the project, take care of logistics, and help in its growth and development.


Living within a refugee camp increases the risks of boredom, societal exclusion, financial losses, and
protection related issues, such as abuse and human trafficking. The remote location of Ritsona camp
could further increase the risks mentioned here. This is likely to affect vulnerable persons and/or
groups the most and there is a clear need to focus on such issues and to reduce the protection risks.
With this in mind, we decided to develop a social enterprise project with an experienced partner.

Thistle Farms is an American non-profit, focusing on empowerment through employment for women,
including survivors of trafficking. They recognize the risks that living in a refugee camp can pose, and
therefore wish to create an opportunity for the women to create a safe and a financially profitable
space. I AM YOU is a non-profit organization that believes in the empowerment of all refugees,
through developing skills that will equip them for a smoother integration process. I AM YOU believe
in the economic empowerment of a female workforce. Both organizations ethos and approach are
committed to delivering a social enterprise for the female refugee population in Ritsona.

Through providing opportunities and a safe space for female residents to use their skills through
social enterprise, the women gain the opportunity to come out of the limbo, make an income, and
increase societal inclusion for the camp community as a whole. The items produced within the
project are sold to consumers and the profit is reinvested towards the women themselves, the
production, and the community they reside in. Additionally, awareness is spread through marketing
and selling the produced mats in the USA through our partner. The program aims to become
self-funded through the sales of the products.


The Volunteer Facilitator will be responsible for the day-to-day running of the project, and further
development of social enterprise within I AM YOU. The volunteer works on equal basis with the
women working in the project. The equality serves for the purpose of agency of the women in their
work. We believe that leaving key decisions to the women will further serve their empowerment, and
will make the project grow, gradually becoming bigger and involving more people.

This role is largely based on cooperating with the women, with the community at large, and with our
partner and other organisations in the camp. The person in this position should be open minded,
attentive, and realistic about various ideas. It is expected that empowerment and decisions being
made by the projects participants would be encouraged by the facilitator.

Finally, this project aims to support the women through them gaining a some normality. Your
engagement can influence the Welcome Project to grow, in order to support several other women to
gain further empowerment.

Accountability and Relationship

● Reports directly to Field Coordinator
● Works closely with Volunteer Coordinator, program managers and volunteers


● Organize Logistics
● Maintaining relationship with our partner organization
● Supporting the women in community building
● Accompany the women to different services if needed
● Sourcing and purchasing materials as needed
● Managing the program budget

Skills and Qualifications

● Higher education degree (undergraduate or higher)
● Organized and comfortable working with administrational tasks
● Driving license
● Sociable and good communication skills
● Ability to work with own initiative, while still maintaining a team player attitude
● Ability to work unsupervised with flexible working schedule
● Logistics mindset
● Previous work in a multicultural environment
● Experience in working with a budget
● Fluent in English


● Greek speaking and understanding (preferred)
● Arabic (asset) / Kurmanji (asset)
● Experience with women’s empowerment projects/programs (asset)
● Theoretical or practical experience in project management
● Work experience in the humanitarian aid and/or development sector
● Experience in social innovation or social enterprise
● Marketing skills (asset)
● Experience working with vulnerable people

Important Information

The work is voluntary and the ideal candidate will be available for three months minimum. This
position is unpaid, and volunteers are expected to pay for their own flights, airport transfer,
insurance and vaccinations. I AM YOU sponsors volunteers with shared transport on location and
special rates for accommodation. Any additional sponsoring of expenses will be discussed together
with the chosen candidate.

If you are interested in this position please fill out the application form on iamyou.se/volunteer, and
send a separate email to info@iamyou.se with your CV and a short motivation.

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