Volunteers needed!! Please join us on the island of Lesvos!

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CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS | because together we can make a change for the 11.000 persons that fled their country and are currently on Lesvos!

According to the last official numbers, Lesvos now accommodates 11.000 people that fled their country. That's more than double the amount the island officially is able to host. Every day we commit our hearts (& energy) to create a better situation for them. Now that the cold is on its way, we made it our #1 priority to start winterization, because winter on Lesvos has proven to be merciless.

We need to do anything we can to winterize the island and we need to do that NOW! With an emphasis on WE, because we rely heavily on our volunteers. Right now we are in desperate need of people that are willing to join us in the coming months!

We're looking for volunteers that are:
- not afraid of the cold
- motivated and dedicated to help people that fled war and prosecution
- Flexible, patient and independent
- At least 21 years of age
- Resistant of stress; the conditions in the camp are often challenging, tough & emotional
- Preferably experienced in structuring and organizing activities in large
complex groups under challenging circumstances
- Financially independent
- available for at least two weeks in the coming month(s)

Do you fit the profile? Please apply through the form on our website! http://movementontheground.com/volunteers

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