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At InterVolve we are looking for a Pink House and Women's Activities Projects Coordinator to join our team a.s.a.p. in Koutsochero camp. The Pink House is a space for women 16+. It is open six days a week  and includes a beauty salon, and arts and crafts area with a sewing machine. Community led English classes are also offered here every weekend.

Role Description:

Pink House and Women's Activities Projects Coordinator

Ensure that the Pink House remains a safe, comfortable, and welcoming space to all women living in Koutsochero camp

  • General oversight of the Pink House space
    • Ensuring the space is clean and comfortable
    • Maintaining inventory of craft and beauty activities
    • Updating coordinators with list of supplies needed in accordance with monthly budget
  • Supervision and induction of new volunteers into the Pink House
    • Providing orientation of space and daily operations
    • Introducing volunteers to community members in Pink House
  • Outreach to community
    • Overseeing outreach to the community about the Pink House
    • Providing information to new residents at Koutsochero Camp
    • Scheduling special cultural events in the Pink House to ensure inclusivity and diversity
    • Liaison with women attending about purpose and vision of space in order to remain flexible and responsive to needs
  • Innovation and skills building
    • Organising weekly sessions which introduce a new skill or activitiy eg tablet computers, English classes, dancing, singing etc
  • Regularly meet with Project Coordinators for guidance, support, and feedback

To apply please contact Fran at operations@intervolvegr.com or fill out the application form https://docs.google.com/forms/u/1/d/e/1FAIpQLSeGWY9BEeoT48Y3VScj4KcGsmy4cfwftuVoT2_FHtC0uS4oiw/viewform?usp=sf_link .

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