Coding teachers and Administrative volunteer needed for exciting new project in Serbia!

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12. February 2018
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The dream of Refugee Workshop is to teach practical coding skills to people living as refugees in Serbia. As Serbia is fading from the news cycles, thousands of people are stranded here, with few viable legal paths forward, and nothing to go back to. As such, refugees are desperate for classes and activities that bring distraction, and useful skills. People who "graduate" from Refugee Workshop will have the necessary skills to start doing small paid freelancing jobs. 

We are looking for volunteers who are excited by the idea of joining a new team, and building the foundations for a successful organization. We need coders, development and admin pros (finances, fundraising, and marketing), and eventually English teachers. 

We have computers and a temporary space, a team developing a curriculum, and are working on securing additional funding. We hope to launch in Spring 2018, so are looking for volunteers who are available from that time. 

Please contact us with any questions! 

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