We are looking for volunteer fundraisers and researchers who can work from home or on the ground to secure sponsorship for our operations on Lesvos.

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House of Humanity 2.0 is the second incarnation of a centre that provides a range of services to refugees who are based mostly in Kara Tepe and Moria camps on Lesvos. Our main focus is delivering aid in a way that enhances human dignity, wellbeing and individual agency. There is a wealth of research that shows that freedom, autonomy and choice enhances human happiness and we recognise that these are the things that are removed from the individual during the process of displacement. The ‘shopping’ style method of aid delivery at Humans 4 Humanity helps us accomplish these objectives through our free food supermarket, which is run on a points system, and free clothing boutique where individuals can shop for the items they want and need. We also have a cafe; kids play area; cinema; a full-sized astro-turf football field and an arts and crafts area.

House of Humanity is a grassroots organisation, run by and for Refugees, with the support of international volunteers. By providing volunteer work for Refugees who are residents in the camps we hope to foster an environment where we encourage self help, the development of important skills and experience and community engagement. We pride ourselves on our ethical code of conduct; a family type structure; a relationship of reciprocity between those who serve and who are served; and an environment which enhances psychosocial wellbeing whilst meeting peoples material needs.

We are entirely dependent on donations to keep the doors open and the shelves stocked. We can serve 150 singles, or 75 families per day, with the groceries, toiletries and clothing of their choice.


We are looking for people who can work independently and who have good research skills to help us find funding for the projects at our centre. You should have reasonable IT skills and the ability to think creatively about grant and sponsorship searches. You should have a good command of written English and the ability to complete simple grant application forms. You will be social media savvy; able to make facebook posts and use various social media platforms to generate support;  and you should be able to draft and send regular emails to potential donors. You will be provided with text documents, operational information and statistics and the financial information that you need to enable you to carry out these tasks. Volunteers are always welcome on the ground in Lesvos but we are also very keen to hear from remote workers who can work from home on a laptop.

H4H: Some Facts and Figures

We have distributed over 380’000 single clothing items in the last 4 months and, through our ‘Network Aid’, project we have shared around 60 van loads of aid with other groups and NGO’s on the island. These groups include; Euro relief, One Happy Family, Little Happy Family, Kara Tepe Camp, Gateway 2 Life, No Borders Kitchen, Pikpa Camp, The Local Hospital, Doc Mobile, Sultana Mobile Kitchen, Refugees 4 Refugees and Starfish. We have also served members of the local community who are living below the poverty line.

Our ‘Network Aid’ project has enabled; blankets, towels, pushchairs and prams, baby beds,  maternity packs, diapers, clothing, hygiene, medical, and dry food items; from our incoming CAREUK containers, to be distributed to where they are needed the most. We are incredibly grateful to CAREUK, SHAREUK, MerseyAid, Rasmachaz Stroud, People in Motion, We Care Foundation and many other small groups who have fed in to these containers. We have also received aid and sponsorship for operational costs from Help Refugees, Donate 4 Refugees, Heimatstern eV and numerous independent volunteers. We have no support from any large NGO’s and we rely entirely on donations to keep the doors open.


We have rolling projects to find sponsorship for operational costs which are mostly funded through collaboration with grassroots groups in the US, the UK and Germany. The basic operational costs of H4H are around €2650 a month. €1300 rent, €1100 van hire, €180 electricity and water, €70 phone and wifi.

Diesel Fundraising. We spend around €1910 a month on diesel for the H4H heating tank;  re-fuelling our van for transporting people to the centre; and outreach for aid sharing . €1500 @75 per day over the 20 days of each month that we are serving for transporting residents from the camps, €80 x 2 per month for the delivery of aid and collecting supermarket goods, €250 for heating oil.

The supermarket is an ongoing project which requires constant fundraising to to keep the doors open. Each month we need to find between 5-7K €uros which we use to buy inventory from local suppliers. This is supplemented with dry and canned goods sent in containers and visiting volunteer contributions. 

Our Network Aid project is a new aid sharing project which aims to get incoming donations exactly where they are needed. The key objective of this outreach and networking programme is to connect with a broad range of groups working on the island and to share resources and information on needs.

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