Construction/maintenance volunteers for Moria WASH

2. August 2018
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2. August 2018
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Watershed Foundation is a grassroots NGO which focusses on providing and improving WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) facilities for vulnerable people. For the last eight months we have been the main WASH actors inside Moria camp, despite our small size.

In that time, we've transformed the toilets and showers in the camp: when we arrived in November, only a handful were working, and now the facilities are in a much better state. We need more people to join us so we can keep up this work, and work towards acceptable standards for the thousands of people living in Moria.

We are looking for hard-working people who have some construction/plumbing skills and experience to join our team of medium-to-long-term volunteers. We have an immediate need, but this will also be ongoing, so you are welcome to apply for upcoming months.

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