Translators needed! Arabic or Farsi to English for a medical team on Samos

6. August 2018
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11. April 2021
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Med'EqualiTeam is looking for volunteers to join our team on Samos!

We treat refugees from Vathy camp, where the population is more than 3000 for this camp made only for 650 people, and only one doctor present in the camp. The location of work is in Vathy, in an office with 7 consultations rooms, one wound dressing room, and a big waiting area. We see currently more than 80 patients a day.

We look for volunteers to join and help for translation during the medical consultations, for the numerous patients coming from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Congo, Cameroun, etc.


• Enough knowledge to translate from English to either French, Arabic or Farsi, since these are the most spoken languages. If besides one of the above mentioned languages you also speak Sorani, Kurmanji, Pashto, Urdu, Somali, Amharic, Tigrinya or other languages that are spoken in the camp that is is extremely useful!

• Intermediate English level. The more fluent the better of course, but it is more important that you are fluent in the native language of our patients. As long as you think you have a good understanding of English and are able to express yourself on an intermediate level to the English speaking members of the team in order to provide a clear medical consultation, then that is what we are looking for!

• Realisation that translating medical consultations is an intense job for which you need a lot of patience. Due to the circumstances patients might be unfocused, frustrated, angry, or emotional in a different way. You will see some patients with mental health problems which might cause consultations to be intense. Also, due to traumatic events the patients have been through, the stories you translate might affect you. As a team, we will always do everything in our power to support each other when someone feels the need to share feelings that are caused by the work we do.

• Always ensure patient confidentiality. Everything that is discussed inside the consultation room should not be shared with anyone except for the doctor, the patient and you as a translator, unless decided otherwise with the consent of the patient. It is a small community, and one of our priorities is that the patients trust us. This is a big responsibility which we should ensure with all members of the team.

• Team player, flexibility : due to intense days at the clinic, things don't always go as accurately as planned. We constantly need to adapt to the day and its events. Volunteers need to be aware that working as a team in those condition is a strength, as long as we work with a good team spirit.

• Awareness of different cultures : different countries, different continents imply lots of different cultures, for the team and for the refugees. We need volunteers to bear in mind that differences are a richness when approched with  open-mindedness and respect.

• Ability to keep their emotions to themselves during consultations : as mentioned above, consultations can turn out to be really intense as most of the refugees havie a hard story to tell. Some can become very emotional so we need our volunteers to be able to master their own emotions so that they can stay professionnal to ensure the best conditions for the medical consultation.



• Previous experience with working with displaced people

• Knowledge/experience about mental health problems in patients with a refugee background

Further informations :

The working hours will be during the day, currently 6 days a week (Thursday off) from 8am to 5pm.


Because we are a starting organisation, we want to use all our funds for the direct benefit of our patients. That is why we work with volunteers, and why we ask you to cover your own expenses such as your travel and your accommodation on Samos. We rent a shared house on Samos where you can stay for a small fees (price is less if you can stay for more than a month) if there is some space, otherwise you will have to arrange yourself your accommodation. Distances on Samos are short so you will have no transportation costs for work-related travel. You must ensure your own insurance.

To learn more, send us a FB message or email us at volunteer@medequali.team

Posted on 2020-03-12 09:50:54 by Muzammil Patel <muzammil@tarjim.ly>


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Muzammil Patel

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