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12. September 2018
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12. September 2018
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We are looking for a volunteer English teacher to plan and carry out daily English lessons for adults (18-25) for the basic and intermediate levels, as part of our housing alternative project in Athens.

We are looking for someone who can commit for a minimum of 2 months, for at least 3 hours a day, 5 days a week. We prefer someone with experience teaching English, working with vulnerable population, and with knowledge of Arabic and/or Farsi (not mandatory).

Start date: as soon as possible, not later than the 25th of September.

If you want to help us, send us an e-mail to holesinthebordersatenas@gmail.com

Our project

In July 2016, after Pireos eviction, many people were rehoused in official camps far from the cities. Others chose to stay in Athens. However, the resources were, and still are, insufficient, and many people are still on the street, mostly unaccompanied young men. In addition to this, other problems such as drugs, male prostitution, mafias and great hostility appeared. That is where HOLES IN THE BORDERS (HIB) comes in.

In October 2016 we opened a flat with 10 young people launching the ALTERNATIVA HABITACIONAL (HOUSING ALTERNATIVE) project.

Without wanting to fall into simple welfare, the goal of the project is to create tools that lead to empowerment and social-labour integration, under a decent roof with basic needs covered.

Most of the youngsters have been relocated to different countries and the project is moving forward with new members.

Even though the media impact has diminished, these people are still trapped and their hopelessness increases. So, HIB works as a bridge that connects cases with people or groups who help to finance the cause.

We have opened this year two new houses for youngsters, so our objective is to have some kind of rotation between the three houses. In the first house we work with more vulnerable profiles in order to empower the beneficiaries. The second house is for people who are already integrated and able to look for a job. The third one is for people who have found a job with no financial self-sufficiency.

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