Social Media Manager Volunteer

12. September 2018
last edit:
12. November 2018
Tags: general support | Greece: Central (Athens area) | tech / IT | admin / coordination | long-term | welcome anytime | ongoing

Job Description:

The Social Media Manager is responsible for the digital accounts of the organisation. The main accounts are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the website. The volunteer will closely cooperate with both the operations and the field team.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Producing and scheduling weekly social media content
  • Monitoring and producing progress reports on social media activity
  • Promoting selected Campfire Innovation news and events on social media
  • Producing original blog posts to be published on the Campfire Innovation website
  • Monitoring and updating website content
  • Producing a weekly press review (not mandatory)

Job Requirements:

  • Experience/Understanding of social media.
  • Ability to deliver creative content.
  • Experience with the refugee crisis would be an asset.
  • Analytical skills and interest in research.
  • Currently located in Athens.


Minimum of 10 to 15 hours per week.

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