4. October 2018
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4. October 2018
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Volunteers with experience in education/social work, or volunteers with big motivation and empathy are needed for a project of non formal education with kids-teenagers at a non official shelter in Athens.

We are a team of professional volunteers, a teacher, an educator and a psychologist, passionate about education and active pedagogy ( Montessori, Freinet...). We want to support the kids to develop their intellectual and interpersonal abilities in a safe and reassuring space. Also to facilitate the integration and schooling of the children in the official system, so providing rules, a schedule and a structure is a priority for us.

The classes start at 10 am and finish at 5,30 pm. The program consists on the next subjects: Maths and English, chess/board games, art/dance and outdoor activities: park, basketball, skate… We are also taking part in a project to improve education through football. In the future we would like to do urban gardening and music as well!

We are looking for volunteers able to work seriously with a team and willing to help the project to be set up. You will find support and guidance (with non formal education, teaching and how to deal with children) but also have the chance to be an active part of it. We are really happy and open to new ideas and suggestions, we want to discover yours!  We need people able to commit for 1 month at least. However, if you have experience or a short project to propose to us you will be very welcome!

It’s a really beautiful experience to be in our classroom, with the kids, who were working hardly to create that space. You will be more than welcome and be called: Teacher ! Teacher !




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