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3. December 2018
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9. March 2020
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Hello to all, 
We are Mosaico House, a shelter for refugee single women and mothers with their kids.  We host around 32 people, and we need volunteers for working with our children.
We have two floors where the families live and one floor that has an activity room (serves as a playroom, visitors room) and a classroom. During the shifts, the majority of the volunteers work on that floor with the women and the children.

Our volunteers work in shifts and they sign up for a minimum of 2 shifts a week but they are welcome to do more.  The shifts are on Monday to Friday at 3.00 p.m. to 6.00 p.m.

We are asking to new volunteers to come in with activities planned in mind such as arts and crafts, sports activities, exercise, dance, educational activities or games, anything to keep them active and moving.  
If you are interested to work with us or to get further information about our project, please contact us through email: mosaico.house.volunteers@gmail.com
Best wishes, 
Mosaico House.

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