Little Happy Family

Oasis for mothers with babies to relax and get some food
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  • We have 5x Baby-Hammam station

  • Warm meal, tea and coffee

Little Happy Family consists of showers to be utilized for mothers to shower their children, a caffe serving everyone with tea, coffee, water, and pastries. Families also receive lunch and several different types of necessities for their children such as diapers, milk, baby wipes etc. LHF's mission is to provide a safe place for families from all walks of life, specifically mothers and their children, to come together and receive the proper care they need to continue on to live happy, healthy lives. At Little Happy Family, we believe that we are all here to take care of one another, and it's our responsibility to give a helping hand to all those in need. We rise by lifting others. And together we can make an impact, perhaps not on the world, but individually, one person at a time.

(Operates across from One Happy Family center.)

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