The Iris Center

The Iris Center, which supports refugees in Chios, Greece is looking for volunteers to join our team!
14. August 2018
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23. April 2019
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This Iris Center that supports refugee families stranded in Chios, Greece is looking for volunteers to join our team! The minimum commitment is 7 days and the trip needs to be self-funded.  The Iris Center helps more than 1,200 visitors and distributes more than 13,000 hygiene, clothes and food  items each month! We support refugee families in Chios by giving the children and parents a place to get distributions of clothes and hygiene items and have showers, relax, have a snack and play while they wait. It's an absolutely critical service for them, especially now that they are stuck in Chios for longer and longer. It provides them with a place to get supplies they need to survive there for long periods of time and with a place they can go to escape the harsh conditions that they live in every day.

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