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SAMS is a non-profit, non-political educational and humanitarian organization which has provided medical and humanitarian relief inside Syria and in surrounding countries since the start of the conflict. We pride ourselves on our ability to work innovatively in challenging circumstances to support those in need. SGR is an extension of this work and we aim to provide medical relief to refugees on the migrant route in Europe. Due to the nature of our project, we particularly need specialists (paediatricians, OBGYNs, GPs, dentists), translators (Arabic, Kurdish) and EMTs/ nurses; preference is given to Arabic speaking physicians. If you do not fulfil this criteria, please still get in touch as, depending on the needs, we will consider your application. We prefer volunteers to arrive on Saturday, ready to start work on Sunday and to leave the following Sunday. We can take senior physicians for one week but longer is better for continuity. For current needs, see:

UPDATE JUNE 2018: As part of the transition strategy to handover services to the Greek Ministry of Health, SAMS withdrew from the Island of Leros last month, and Kos this month; we shall remain on the island of Chios up until June 15, 2018.

SAMS hopes that the Ministry of Health is able to fulfill its duties and take over the provision of primary health care, as they have been supported to do so by European Union funds. We would like to thank all those volunteers, donors and beneficiaries who have supported our work on the islands and on the mainland. Without you many patients would not have received the love, care and passion which you brought.   

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