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co-operative foundation, providing ongoing compassionate support for refugees in Athens
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Khora is a co-operative foundation providing on-going compassionate support for refugees stuck in Athens and the surrounding area. The term Khora has its origins in ancient Greek philosophy. It can be described as a 'placeless place', a space in which borders cease to exist, in which all people are thus free. We believe all humans are equal and deserve equal care and rights. Our efforts include food, sanitation, language skills, asylum casework, social work and accommodation. We are a collective of individuals who met on Lesvos while working with Skipchen and Better Days For Moria and have decided to bring our skills together in order to create Khora. As a group our skillset is wide ranging. We are chefs, architects, social workers, writers and IT technicians, and have training and experience in international development, mental health, support work and teaching. As individuals we have been on the ground since the refugee crisis escalated in 2015 and have provided solutions to the changing refugee situation in Calais, Serbia, Lesvos and Athens. We provide a coordinated and efficient response in cooperation with large NGOs, grassroots activist groups, independent volunteers and immigration services. Our aim is to provide solidarity to refugees stranded in Greece. We provide support with food, sanitation, language skills, asylum case work and accommodation. We act as bridge between donors, large NGOs, grassroots activist groups, independent volunteers and immigration services. We work collaboratively with all actors so not to duplicate efforts or waste resources.

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