A.Ss.I.S.T. provides information and legal aid services to applicants for and beneficiaries of international protection in Greece.
13. May 2019
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29. May 2023
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44 Aplotarias Street, Chios, Greece 82100 and Leof. Alexandras 14, Athens 10682
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A.Ss.I.S.T. Asylum Seekers Information Services Team) operates as one Team in two locations: Chios township and central Athens providing services to clients throughout Greece remotely. 

RECRUITING IMMEDIATELY: Volunteers to provide interpreting and translations services in one or more of the following languages:  French, Kreo, Lingala and Somali are required urgently and a Communications Coordinator.  

INTERPRETERS/TRANLATORS: A successful applicant must speak at least one of the following languages and be fluent in English:  Amharic, Arabic, Farsi, French, Kurdish (Badeni, Kurmanji, Sorani), Lingala, Somali and Urdu.    Applicants must pass language skills assessment tests, will be invited to undertake training and are offered the option to work remotely but can only be recruited within Greece. 

COMMUNICATIONS COORDINATOR – SOCIAL MEDIA     This is an opportunity to use your creative and technical skills to contribute to support  A.Ss.I.S.T. 's capacity to serve applicants for and beneficiaries of international protection in Greece by broadening A.Ss.I.S.T.’s  donor  and general audience and securing funding for our services into 2023 and beyond. You will be liaising with a small Team of lawyers, interpreters and Office & Client Services managers based in Chios and in Athens to ensure you can access essential information for the purposes required in this role.  The assignment of this role is for a minimum of 3 months. Free shared accommodation in Athens and in Chios.


These positions are key to the smooth running of A.Ss.I.S.T. operations and services.  The A.Ss.I.S.T. Office/Client Services Managers serve as the coordinator of all activities related to the administrative oversight of the A.Ss.I.S.T. office and the coordination of information and legal aid services to our clients: asylum seekers and recognized refugees in Greece.  Together they are the focal point of liaison for the Team, Associate Greek lawyers (AGLs), interpreters with and for clients. Team Members and the A.Ss.I.S.T. Partners provide support for these positions.  A.Ss.I.S.T.’s AGLs are available for questions and assistance in responding to client queries. The opportunity to receive training in interpreting for A.Ss.I.S.T. lawyers is also offered to native French speakers. Interpreting for lawyers and clients is a fast-track learning opportunity.  Interpreting is not an obligation. It is a choice offered to the intern.  It provides the opportunity to learn Greek law, procedures and processes giving insight into the cases, the background and the cultures of a very diverse client audience.  Attending network meetings and training workshops offered in-house, by other Agencies and NGOs present further learning experiences offered to interns in this role.

Job descriptions revised available on request @

Mixed duties negotiable for all positions. 

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