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  4. January 2018

Security update

Improvement in password/login We improved the password and login method. Everyone has now the same password and it is 'rumpelstielzchen7'. This is one of the most secure passwords accordi...

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  17. January 2018

QR card system

What is the QR card system/ QR services The QR card system is a project to hand out a unique QR card to every refugee. The card contains a QR code that can be...

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  20. January 2018

QR card project | update


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  22. January 2018

QR card project | update

items per age : the diaper counter This function allows to declare how many items a card holder can get according his/her age. E.g a baby less than 6 months old is entitled to 36 ...

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  9. March 2018

QR card Queue function allows to connect local ticket printer

I just created a little script that allows to attach a ticket printer to the queue system. The queue system is designed that first the card is scanned and the card holder gets a position in the que...

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  9. March 2018

Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Icelandic organisations and volunteers should advertise at greecevol!

At present 16.000 people all over Europe are known to volunteer for aid to refugees.  Greecevol has a focus on refugees in Greece or coming from Greece - collection of...

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  9. April 2018

QR card project explained | presentation

The QR card project explained in a presentation....

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  28. May 2018

QR Service first implementation!

Today at StandbyMeLesvos we had the first real case scenario for the QR cards. The thask was to distribute food portions to women who were previously marked as eligible for food aid. More t...

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  30. May 2018

Commenting posts

Commenting post Introducing commenting posts. Posts for volunteer calls, goods,  places and it-works have now a comment section where volunteers can ask question and  add commen...

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  6. June 2018

Intro to QR Services


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  6. September 2018

Message of the Day

The Message of the Day is -- you guessed it already -- a box to show the message of the day. ;) Be happy and continue your good work!...

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  8. October 2018

Google rating for

We need your help When you enter refugees and volunteering we are not even listed in the top 30! Please add a link to your web page so that people find us in web searches. We are ...

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  24. October 2018

Improving food distribution inside Moria camp

Moria food distribution Ideas for improving the current situation 13 page pdf about Moria food distribution and possible improvements ...

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  28. October 2018

New group for useful links

introducting ideas & suggestions Ideas and suggestions is a new group in useful links to denote -- as the name says - ideas and suggestions. Here you can post an abst...

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  17. April 2019

Stats for postings

Introducing statitics for «volunteers needed» The posts on «volunteers needed» will show now a hit counter for the last 30 days. A hit counter mea...

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  22. April 2019

Digital currency and Refugee assistance

Monetary support vs. free food/goods Giving money to people in need instead of free meals has many advantages. It leads responsibility, ...

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  7. September 2021

Community Spirit: How to Integrate as a New Local Business

For any business, big or small, it’s important to integrate with your local community. Doing so is essential for building new partnerships, establishing a customer base, and ensuring your wor...

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  24. December 2017

Privacy policy -- hide your details in the listings

NOTICE After a user known to us downloaded all the people's profiles of our website and send mass emails, we added the Terms...

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  28. December 2017

QR code Voucher Card for each Refugee

QR code voucher card project We are working on a project to hand out a personalized card with QR code to every refugee. The card will...

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